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DreamZone® helps you to secure the best offers from the job market.

We offer more than 50 specialized courses in Interior Architectural Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, 2D & 3D Animation and VFX, suiting your unique time and skill needs.

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Best Design Colleges in Malleswaram Bangalore

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Interior Designing Courses in Malleswaram

DreamZone® School of Creative Studies is India's premier training institute for technology-enabled creative education. Through dedicated centres of excellence in creative skills training in India and abroad, we offer employment and entrepreneurship-oriented courses in

  • Interior Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Jewelery Design
  • Web Design
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • VFX
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DreamZone®, established in 2005, is an institute offering career-oriented courses uniquely blended with creativity and employability, focusing on upskilling the generation to face the challenges of industry.


To enhance the career-oriented skills and employability of generations to match with industry expectations.


To eradicate unemployability due to lack of skills by 2025, by imparting more than adequate skills of job-oriented courses in a focused manner through expertized and hands-on training.

Courses Offered

Interior Design Course

Interior Design

Everyone wants to make the interiors of their living spaces, be it one’s home or workspace, look more stylish and livelier. If you get a chance to define the ambience around you, would that be dream come true for you? With the everchanging taste of stylish living, the demand for interior space designers with knowledge of architecture is always increasing. Are you ready to be counted with the best in the field?

Shaping up your innate talent into technical proficiency while being in touch with the trending technology needs a strong medium.

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Fashion Design Course

Fashion Design

Do you dream of managing your own boutique? Or designing beautiful clothes for your loved ones for all occasions?

Realize your dreams with the best training institute in Fashion Design - getting to know everything about dressmaking and boutique management, adding value and glaze to your career thoughts.

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Graphic Design Course

Graphic & Web Design

In the present internet world, online presence has become a vital part of any business. Every business has its own webpages to emphasize its products and services with graphic representations highlighting the business motive. High potential to increase the business lies in the designing and promotion of marketing materials with the best extraction of techniques in graphics blended with website outlook. Are you ready to be counted as one of the best graphic and web designers in the field?

Sharpening your design skills while being in touch with the trending technology needs a strong medium.

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Animation Course Bangalore

2D & 3D Animation

Animation has always been the pulse of the entertainment industry and has gained its unique stature in the current world. Creative animators have the greatest and loveliest tasks when it comes to the entertainment industry. Working out with 2D & 3D animation projects sounds quite thrilling, rewarding and lively in the professional world. Are you ready to get noticed and offered with a high paying career?

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VFX Course Bangalore


The current world is fully occupied with their interests in creative watching overwhelmed with the attractive 3D animation films and lively works by artists. The demand for talented visual effects artists has increased consistently in the last few years which is quite comparable due to the daring productions and money flowing into high-quality movies and television shows. The employability skills of multimedia artists and animators is expected to grow in higher rate in the futuristic perspective.

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Jewellery Design Course

Jewellery Design

Jewellery making is an art of connecting beautiful beads and sequences in a pattern to create attractive and eye catchy designs. Most of the jewellery in the world are overflowing with treasures designed in ornamental, traditional, contemporary and modern style. The need for competent and talented jewellery designers has increased enormously in the recent past due to the wide presence of artificial jewels in the field of jewellery design.

Learning to design theme based jewellery under your own brand name will get you special attention and help you to stand out in the crowd.

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Events and Highlights

LightZap - Annual Design Contest

LightZap - Annual Design Contest

LightZap - Annual Design Contest

DreamZone® for the futuristic learning

Enroll now to the best courses for shining careers of future.

Students’ Feedback Videos

Student’s Testimonial - Jayalakshmi

Student’s Testimonial - Ms. Neha

Student’s Testimonial - Ms.Sruthisha

Students’ Placements

Siva Kumar K.N.S - Master Diploma in IAD

Design Head at Bit Design Solutions Pvt Ltd

Nagaraj PR - Interior Design

Senior Executive at Magick woods

Vijet G V - Master Diploma in Interior Design

Immortal Archit Studio

Placement / Internship Companies

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Inside Out: Exploring the Depths of Interior Designing at DreamZone Bangalore

Crafting spaces, blending art and functionality.

Beyond Threads: Mastering the Art of Fashion Designing at DreamZone Malleshwaram

Crafting style, molding trends, design mastery.

Visual Magic: VFX and Animation Mastery at DreamZone, Malleshwaram

Animating the extraordinary journey

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Visual storytelling through design

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Harmony in Home Design

Mastering the Art: Fashion Designing at DreamZone, Malleshwaram

Where creativity stitches the runway.

Designing Tomorrow: Unleashing Potential with DreamZone's Web Design Program

Where innovation meets code.

From Imagination to Animation: Exploring 2D & 3D Animation Course at DreamZone, Malleshwaram

Shaping your passion into professional mastery

Glamour meets Craftsmanship: Journey into Fashion Design with DreamZone, Bangalore's Certificate Course Leader

Dream, design, dazzle

Behind the Scenes: Industry-Driven Education and Job Assistance at DreamZone, Bangalore's Premier Graphic Design Institute

Transform Ideas into Visual Masterpieces

Designing Dreams: Navigating the Avenues of Interior Design Course at DreamZone Malleshwaram

Transform spaces with creativity

Shaping Shimmering Dreams: The Art of Jewellery Design at Dreamzone

Elevate your style and skills with our Jewellery Design Course.

Mastering Visual Effects: The VFX Design Course at Dreamzone Malleshwaram

Lights, camera, action – and VFX!

Animating Dreams: Your Guide to Dreamzone's 2D and 3D Animation Courses

From sketch to screen – Our Animation course covers it all.

Crafting the Digital World: A Deep Dive into Dreamzone's Graphic and Web Design Course

Art meets Innovation!

Fashioning a Future: Why Dreamzone's Fashion Design Course Is Your Best Choice

Elevate Your Style: Explore Our Fashion Design Course

Unleash Your Creative Potential: Exploring Dreamzone's Interior Design Course in Malleshwaram

Elevate Your Space with Style: Join Our Interior Design Course

Crafting Visual Magic: Exploring DreamZone Malleshwaram's Best VFX Course with Hands-On Projects and Real-World Simulations

Let's embark on a journey to explore the best VFX course !!

From Dreams to Reality: Elevate Your Career with DreamZone's Top 2D and 3D Animation Course with Placement in Malleshwaram

Passion for animation and aspire to turn your dreams !!

Building the Digital Future: Discover the Best Web Design Course at DreamZone Malleshwaram with Expert Faculty, Cutting-edge Facilities, and Industry Exposure

Shape your the digital future !!

Designing the Future: Exploring Graphic Design Excellence at DreamZone Malleshwaram with a Dynamic Curriculum.

Aspire to be a part of this exciting and ever-evolving industry

Designing Dreams: Your Path to Excellence with DreamZone's Interior Design Course in Malleshwaram

Flair for creativity and a passion for transforming spaces.

Unleash Your Style: Mastering Fashion Design at DreamZone Malleshwaram with Expert Guidance

Styling the Future !!

Animating Dreams: Discovering the World of 2D and 3D Animation at DreamZone Malleshwaram

the magic of animation comes alive in our cutting-edge design course.

Mastering Movie Magic: DreamZone Malleshwaram's VFX Course Unveiled

Unlock the magic of visual effects with our immersive course

Unveiling Creativity: DreamZone Malleshwaram's Graphic Design Course

master the art of visual storytelling

Crafting Digital Masterpieces: DreamZone Malleshwaram's Web Design Course

Unlock the art of stunning web design

Fashion Forward: Navigating the World of Style with DreamZone Malleshwaram's Fashion Design Course

DreamZone Malleshwaram's Fashion Design Course your path to success.

Creating Dream Spaces: Unveiling the Magic of DreamZone Malleshwaram's Interior Design Course

Gateway for aspiring interior designers through its Interior Design Course

Journey into Elegance: Jewelry Design Courses at Dreamzone Malleshwaram

Journey into Elegance with DreamZone

Mastering the Art of VFX & Animation: Dreamzone Malleshwaram's Expertise

Mastering the art of vfx & animation

Unveiling Fashion Design: Ignite Your Passion at Dreamzone Malleshwaram

Ignite your passion for Fashion Design

Designing the Future: Web Development Courses at Dreamzone Malleshwaram

Designing the Future with Web Development

Exploring Your Creativity: The World of Graphic Design at Dreamzone Malleshwaram

Honing your skills with DreamZone

Bringing Imagination to Life: Animation Courses at Dreamzone

imagination to life with animation

Building the Digital World: Web Designing Courses at Dreamzone, Bangalore

the best web designing course

Unleash Your Creativity: Exploring Graphic Designing at Dreamzone

unleashing your creativity with dreamzone

Shaping Dreams in Precious Metal: Jewellery Designing Courses at Dreamzone

Dreams made with metal

Creating Dream Interiors: The Interior Designing Courses at Dreamzone, Bangalore

Creating Dreams with Interior design course

Exploring the World of Fashion Designing at Dreamzone: Unleash Your Creativity

Opening the doors to the world of fashion design with DreamZone

Learn web design courses from concept to code with DreamZone Malleshwaram and design responsive websites

From Concept to Code

Unveiling the Possibilities of Graphic Design Courses for Digital Platforms at DreamZone Malleshwaram

Possibilities of Graphic Design

Master your interior design skills with Dream Zone Malleshwaram and create aesthetically pleasing Interiors

Grow your interior design skill

Dive into Virtual Realities of VFX courses offered at DreamZone Malleshwaram

Best VFX Course at DreamZone

Learn the Art of Accessorizing and discover the World of Jewelry Designing with DreamZone Malleshwaram

Art of Jewlery Design

Fashion Trends Decoded with DreamZone Malleshwaram Fashion Designing Course

Fashion Designing with DreamZone

VFX Course in Dream Zone that makes you an all-round VFX Specialist

VFX Course in Dream Zone

2D&3D Animation Course that opens the exciting world of imagination for you. How is this possible? learn with Dream Zone

2D&3D Animation Course that opens the exciting world

Learn a Web Designing Course at Dream Zone to build Great User-Friendly Website by Implementing innovative ideas by the Expert

Web Designing Course at Dream Zone

The Graphic Design Course in Bangalore at Dream Zone covers all the concepts of Graphic Design from the fundamentals.

Dream Zone covers all the concepts of Graphic Design

How will fashion designing courses help you to get ahead of others above others in the fashion industry-learn with Dream Zone

fashion designing courses with Dream Zone

Interior Designing is a field of uniqueness and creativity where an individual visualizes the adorned area. Know the Benefits of Preferring Interior Designing Courses in Dream Zone

Know the Benefits of Preferring Interior Designing Courses in Dream Zone

High profile job opportunities in the Animation industry through Dreamzone Bangalore.

To create many visually creative talents, Dream zone is one of the best choice of study.

Five reasons to learn job oriented web designing course in Dream zone.

With the help of technology and innovations web designing is one of the fast growing job opportunity.

Importance of the graphic Designing course in Dream zone Bangalore

graphic Designing become one of the perfect choice of career who are interested in visual concepts.

Best VFX course to pursue after class 12 from Dream zone Malleshwaram

Dream zone Malleshwaram provides develops many new innovative VFX animators who makes miraculous changes in big screen

Develop your Fashion knowledge and skills from Dream zone Malleshwaram Fashion design course

Become a leading Fashion Designer with DreamZone Bangalore

What are the career opportunities in interior design course after completing the course from Dream zone, Malleshwaram?

With an interior design education from DreamZone Malleshwaram, you can advance your career.

Why Choose Web Design Course Here at DreamZone

A job in web design can be a good fit for you if you are innovative, creative, curious about technology, and most importantly, persistent.

The scope of animation and VFX courses in India

People are looking for creative career opportunities as a result of the introduction of new technology, and animation has significantly increased recently.

Advance your career to the next level with interior Design course from DreamZone Malleshwaram

You might consider ingredient designing for work if you want to

Sketching Your Future with Fashion Designing from DreamZone

The world of fashion design is always changing. More than just creating clothing and accessories is involved.


Jewelry has long been admired by people. Have you ever wondered who designed a piece of jewellery as you

Career Opportunities for Graphic Designing

You've come to the decision to begin your profession as a graphic designer after giving it some thought. You want to know more about your employment prospects after graduation

How to become a Fashion Designer – Learn with DreamZone

From consumers who enjoy spending time at the beach to those who prefer the runway, fashion designers create looks for a variety of consumers.


Due to the integrating interests, India's economy has been expanding and has been able to do so consistently. India has joined this battle by creating outstanding material.

Web Designing institute in Malleshwaram

Dream zone Malleshwaram is proud to announce that we are providing a job oriented course in web designing. Dream zone offers more than 50 courses to increase the creative talents in the students.

Hone Your Animation Skills by Pursuing an 2D & 3D Animation in Bangalore at DreamZone

The most advancing field of modern day deserves the best animation institute malleshwaram learn animation course bangalore from dreamzone and upgrade your career

Graphic Designing Bangalore – A Boom in the Industry Creating Enormous Opportunities

Enroll to the best graphic designing institute at dreamzone malleshwaram for graphic design course bangalore for the best taught field of modern computer age

Emerge as a Next-gen Web Designer with Graphic & Web Design courses in Bangalore at The Top Business School DreamZone

Enrich your skills with graphic & web design course from dreamzone the best institute for graphic & web design at bangalore with excellent class by professionals

Advance Your Career and Open Doors to Better Opportunities with Animation in Bangalore at DreamZone

To have an exciting career take the best animation course dreamzone and brighten your future from the most sought after and best animation institute bangalore

Become a Graphic designer: Things to remember

Pave the way to showcase the creativity of the person with graphic designing malleshwaram from the best graphic design course dreamzone increase the skill apply now

Why Dream zone is the best Fashion design institute in Malleshwaram

 Everyone aims to be unique from others by their uniqueness. To showcase and fulfill the imagination of every single people we need to design our imaginations and ideas on an attire.

Top Interior Designing Institute in Malleshwaram-Dream zone Malleshwaram

It's a fact that nowadays everyone needs a unique piece of beauty and everyone need to design an eye catching trend in their building. Interior designing is a best career option

Make a world of Animation, DreamZone Malleshwaram opens the doors.

Dream zone is one of the best institutions to study and fulfill the dreams of many in visualization. Dream zone makes thousands of animators who are creating thousands of beautiful projects.

Make Your own creative touch in web designing, Helping to achieve your goals, DREAM ZONE MALLESHWARAM is here

A well trained designer can create a unique piece of identity in their innovations. And it's an important element that to choose a perfect destination and correct guidance to achieve great revolution in designing.

Why do we choose Dream zone as a better option to gain knowledge in the Graphic Designing course?

It's the best decision of your life that you choose the correct partner for your career. The best quality education strategies of DREAM ZONE MALLESHWARAM is making the students to dream some better career days.

New Trending designing ideas to your Interiors, New Experts of interior designing are here from DREAMZONE

It's a fact that nowadays everyone needs a unique piece of beauty and everyone need to design an eye catching trend in their building.

Fulfill your dreams with DREAMZONE MALLESHWARAM

Are you Ready to become the center of attraction, the unique way of dressing makes you for the same? Every one of us know that fashion plays an impressive role in our lifestyle.

Learn about web design trends in MALLESHWARAM 2022

Changing lifestyles and innovations in technology enabled creative development in our society. Innovations changes trends continuously. The continuous changes in trends it changes the visualization too. In the area of visual treat there introduced many new technologies.

The ultimate guide to starting an Interior Designing career

In modern lifestyle, the creativity become highly demanded one. Good imaginations pave paths to good creativity. Nowadays it become common factor that everyone needs a unique building by their imaginations.

How to become a graphic designer; The ultimate guide

We can see there is a fast change in designing areas. Every day the designers innovating new ideas to create their own unique identity in designing world.

How do I begin my fashion design career in Malleshwaram

It is a fact that every single individual is Evaluated by their look and style. Fashion is the only way to showcase the unique piece of ideas.

Join the best Fashion design institute in Malleshwaram

Dream zone Malleshwaram is one of the leading institutes who provides the advanced education in fashion Designing.

Animation latest tips and tricks you need to know

We are one of the leading institute in animation courses. We pave path to many to show their talents and we give opportunity to the students to expand their skills.

Scope of VFX course in Malleshwaram, Bangalore 2022

We Dream zone is the best choice of VFX course in Malleshwaram who gives a new world of opportunities. Visual effects course is the combined study of lectures and tutorials.

How can jewelry Design course help you to build a successful career?

The response toward new designs in jewelry make us think about a jewelry Designing industry institution. Dream zone is one of the leading institute of jewelry Designing in Malleshwaram

Interior design institute in Malleshwaram

Interior designing is a best career option, Interior Designers easily creates a trend in interiors by their ideas and creativity on a building.

Graphic design institute in Malleshwaram

If you are a creative thinking person and have the potential to enjoy artistic talents and good communication skills graphic designing is one of the best choice to make their own place in designing world.

Fashion Designing - What Is It & How Is It Done?

We Dream Zone School of creative studies offers you the courses in Fashion Designing and pave path to many career opportunities and high salary scale.

Animation course after the 12th in Bangalore Malleshwaram

Are you looking for a career in the animation industry? The animation sector is expanding quickly and currently, it is regarded as a multibillion-dollar business.

VFX institute in Bangalore

The term "VFX," or "visual effects," refers to the fusion of reality and imagination. In VFX, real footage is incorporated with an imagined scene to produce an environment that appears realistic, especially for a film or video game.

Best Web design institute in Bangalore

The term "web design" describes the look, feel, and layout of websites. Web design typically refers to the user experience and outward-facing components of a website rather than technical development.

Jewellery design course in bangalore

One of the most popular and chosen subjects of study among young people are jewellery design courses. Many people are employed as professionals in the field of jewellery creation today and are quite wealthy.

The future of animation industry

Studios, film production houses and animation companies are pouring more and more money into this field in order to improve the quality of animation sequences present in their works

A Better Place to Learn Web Design Technology in Bangalore

Do you want to enroll in Bangalore's best Web Designing Course? Then Dreamzone Malleshwaram will be of assistance to you.

Best Graphic Designing Course and Institute in Bangalore

Are you looking for Best Graphic Designing Course in Bangalore? Then you are in the right place.

Reasons Why a Fashion Design Course in Bangalore Can Help You in Your Career

If you believe you have what it takes to be a part of the fashion industry, taking fashion design courses in Bangalore could be the first step in realizing your ambitions.

Experience the Joy of Interior Designing Course With Dreamzone Malleshwaram, Bangalore

Dreamzone Malleshwaram provides you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to acquire interior design courses from industry specialists in Malleswaram, Bangalore.

Experience and Pursue the Animation Course at Dreamzone Malleshwaram

Animation is one of the world's fastest-growing and highest-paying professions today.

VFX courses in Bangalore at Dreamzone Malleswaram

If you're seeking a high-level VFX training program in Bangalore, our 'VFX course' might be just what you're looking for.

Interior Design Institutes and Courses in Bangalore are in high demand.

Interior design is the art and science of improving the interiors of a place or building, sometimes including the exterior, to create a healthier and more visually acceptable environment for the end-user.

Job Oriented Training In Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of creating numerous items such as commercials, media agencies, and so on.

Best Job oriented web design course in Bangalore

Anyone looking for a stable job in the IT industry, web design might be a terrific option for a comfortable living.

Dreamzone offers a super specialty programme in Fashion Design

It's difficult to deny that the fashion industry is booming. It's a $35 billion sector that's rising by leaps and bounds at 9% each year.

Best job oriented jewellery making course in Bangalore

Students can turn their creative design inspirations into a tangible and usable piece of jewellery by enrolling in a jewellery design programme at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Fashion Designing & Career in Fashion Designing

What is Fashion Designing?
Fashion design is the craft of applying the plan, feel clothing development, and regular magnificence to dress and its frill.

What Is Interior Designing? And Tips For Interior Designers

Interior design is the craftsmanship and study of upgrading the interior of a structure to accomplish a better and all the more stylishly satisfying climate for individuals utilizing the space.

Tips for A Successful Graphic Designer

What is Graphic Design?
Graphic design is a specialty where experts make visual design to impart messages

The Scope of Interior Designers

The design field is humungous and channelizes the imagination of youthful personalities to track down the right pathway.

Vaastu Shastra

⦁ System of Architecture means “science of architecture”
⦁ Texts found that describe
- Principles of design | Layout | Measurements

Web Designing institute in Malleshwaram

Dream zone Malleshwaram is proud to announce that we are providing a job oriented course in web designing. Dream zone offers more than 50 courses to increase the creative talents in the students.

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