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Dreamzone offers a super specialty programme in Fashion Design

Interior Designing Courses in Malleswaram Bangalore

It's difficult to deny that the fashion industry is booming. It's a $35 billion sector that's rising by leaps and bounds at 9% each year. As a result, seizing the bull by the horns and being proactive from the start is critical. Because nothing in the world of fashion is provided to you, it's critical to take charge.

This ground-breaking new programme will push students to investigate fashion in context through the convergence of theory and practise, preparing them to define an inventive and interdisciplinary fashion future. It will also provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to turn ideas into actual products, services, and experiences.

The main formative goal of the Fashion Design super specialty programme is to gain an in-depth understanding of the fashion industry in all of its dimensions, using an integrated approach that includes creative, cultural, productive marketing, and communication components.

Fashion Design study techniques are focused on professionalism, industry expectations, and a good mix of design utility and aesthetics.From the start, participants are engaged in the fashion system and design approach, embracing major trends, bicultural aesthetics, and new consumer voices that impact style. Depending on their chosen level of study, participants work on projects such as an in-depth analysis of garment or accessory manufacture, or the language of couture vs. ready-to-wear construction.

They work their way through the design process, from fashion drawing to pattern making, pattern cutting, fabrication or prototyping, and finally the finished garment or product. Pathways allow you to specialise in a certain area or pursue a career in fashion design.

Dreamzone has a specialised Careers Service that provides professional advise and helpful information to help students move smoothly from school to employment. Our Fashion Design courses are designed with the ever-changing global fashion business in mind, as well as the practical experience it requires. Our diverse programme is meant for anyone who want to study fashion design after high school, after college, or after graduation.

You can enrol in one of our rigorous Fashion Design courses in Bangalore if you want to pursue fashion design as a career. Our course curriculum is meant to assist each individual in growing from the ground up with a solid foundation, making us one of the best fashion design schools to pursue your design dreams.