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The future of animation industry

Future Animation Designing Courses in Malleswaram Bangalore

Studios, film production houses and animation companies are pouring more and more money into this field in order to improve the quality of animation sequences present in their works. They know that animation has got huge potential in India... 
Demand for skilled and creative animation professionals is pretty high in India. Studios, Film production houses and animation companies know how big the field is. They have the money to burn too! All they need is qualified and skilled animators, who can bring their work to life and help them earn their share of profit!


• Entry into the field only requires aptitude in
• Sketching, drawing
• Basic knowledge of computers
• Government Initiatives are also coming up in this field
E.g Telangana has its own own animation, visual effects and gaming organisation, TVAGA (Telangana VFX, Animation and Gaming Association)

Skills & Qualities Required

• Good Observational skills
• Creativity
• Drawing & Sketching Skills
• Patience & Concentration
• Ability to get into character
• Communication skills (to interact with team)
• Eye for detail
• Computer & Software skills
• Teamwork skills

Job Prospects

• Creating a piece of animation is not just about drawing, sketching and bringing the characters to life using some software.
• Actually, there are numerous stages and processes involved in this activity.
• This is the main reason why film production houses and animation companies have large dedicated staff of animators!
• Based on the stages involved in this process, one may take on any of the following job profiles-

• Director
• Production Designer
• Script writer
• Storyboard Artist
• Illustrator
• Layout Artist
• Digital Painter
• Animator
• Modeller
• Compositor
• Editor

Tools & Techniques you should know to get into Animation Industry

Which all industries you can work in?

Architectural Field (-Exterior Design, Interior Design, Civil & Construction)
Media & Film Industry (-Advertisements, Gaming, Art Direction, Movie Production & Editing )
Engineering (-Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics)
Public Department